Random Things Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2



Random Things Mod contains random things that you need while playing Minecraft. More stuffs are planned to be added.


  • Item collector: Just place this thing on an inventory like a chest. It will then grab any items in a radius of 5 Blocks around the Inventory and put them inside it.


  • Player Interface: This Block will act as the inventory of the Player who placed it, therefore you can extract Items or put Items inside the Inventory of the Player. You can only put Items in or pull Items out from the Main Inventory of the Player (Not From the Hotbar or the Armor Slots).


  • Colored lamps: allows you to color the vanilla Redstone Lamps with all vanilla dyes. This will override the Vanilla Lamps so it won’t require a block ID. This can be turned off in the config File


  • Block Detector: simple, whenever there is a Block in Front of the Red Side of the Block Detector it will emit a Redstone Signal.


  • Ender Porter: has 2 different States, when its powered with Redstone It will teleport down, if it isn’t it will teleport up. It will always Teleport you to the next Place on the y-Axis where there is space for you.


  • Inventory Interface: allows you to access a specific Side of an Inventory. Just place an Inventory in front of the green Side of the Block and choose the Side you wanna access in the GUI of the Block. The Inventory Interface will then act like its the Inventory in front of it and will redirect every items to the specified side. You can also pull Items out of the specified Side as well.


  • Portable Ender Porter: basically is an Ender Porter in item form. When you Right Click with him you will get ported up, when you shift while clicking you’ll get ported down. For every port it will consume one Ender Pearl.


  • White Stone: Just put this Item in your inventory. When you take damage that would kill you the White Stone gets destroyed and you get a Regeneration,Fire Resistance and Resistance Buff that will protect you from any damage for 10 Seconds and regenerates your Health. The Enchanted Book in the Recipe can be any Enchantment, it doesn’t matter which.


Random Things Mod Installation:

Credit: lumien

Random Things Mod Download:

Random Things Moad.zip

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