Long Castle Map v3 for FS2013

Version 3.0 of Long Castle Map has been published! Now take a shot view for the new features of this map!

Long Castle Map v3 Features:

  • Main farm: Quite large. Have chickens, sheep, cows, grain storage space (addition is able), 3 silos for silage, barns for grass, straw, silage,…
  • Animals: Bottom of the farm have cows at a large place for roaming, sheep and chickes located at the right! Pigs are located in center of main farm.
  • Pig Farm: 3 new pig silos with a storage of potatoes are waiting for you!
  • Big size with over 30 fields, river, traffic lights, train line,…

Long Castle Map Screenshots:

Long-Castle-FS2013-1 Long-Castle-FS2013-2


Download Long Castle Map v3 for FS2013:


Bull stable by Mario
Food storage by Ganelcer
Chicken coop by Ganelcer
Greenhouse by agrorepa
Hall sets by ni_modding
Lights by Bluebaby210
Industrial plant by LWS Terminator
Stone wall by majo84
Conveyors by Marhu
Info by trigger [FSM] Webby
BaleToManure by Rafftnix
WaterMod by Marhu
Pig by Marhu
Slaughterhouse by Funky
Seed Storage – Tiago Piloneto
Wash Bay Building – Chuzonet
Tool Shelf – Bonzai Micha

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